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"We have extremely discerning clients and Goodson Electric Services is one of those businesses that we can rely on to do excellent work for all our electrical needs."
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State Certified for Florida
License #EC13005619

Satisfaction Guaranteed
One Year Warranty on Labor
Prompt Service

We offer generator hookups for either portable or whole house generators. You'll be the envy of the neighborhood during hurricane season and you won't lose your turkey during the holidays.

Generators help you have some comfort during electrical outages and you won't lose your food in the fridge or freezer. We can even supply power for your microwave.

We won't leave you in the dark or hungry!

Types of Generators:

› Propane
› Natural Gas
› Gasoline

Portable Generators Can Provide:

› Bare Necessities
› Main Kitchen Appliances
› Living Room Lighting and Fans

Whole House Generators:

› These generators are sized to accomodate your needs.