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"We have extremely discerning clients and Goodson Electric Services is one of those businesses that we can rely on to do excellent work for all our electrical needs."
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State Certified for Florida
License #EC13005619

In 1958 Ernest Goodson (my dad) decided to start an electrical company after working several years for other businesses. During the time he operated his business, he paid close attention to detail, workmanship and the customer. He realized the best way to stay in business was to keep the customer happy. My dad did that by giving them quality work, a safe environment and a reasonable price. He also knew the importance of honesty and integrity.

As the years went by, he developed a reputation of being both fair and one of the best electricians around. An inspector once told me that if everyone did their job like my Dad, the inspector himself would be out of a job.

Well, as time passed, he taught me the trade and the importance of the customer. The principles he handed down to me are what I have founded my business on. If my Dad stayed in business for over 50 years with these honest beliefs, there must be something to them.

So, like my dad, I will treat the customers home as if it were my own and I will only give them my best work.

Daniel Goodson

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